Change log


  • You can now add an additional description for subscription terms (useful to add an extra explanation as to what that subscription is more or less expensive)
  • Some improvements have been made to the subscription list dropdown for staff to make it easier to find a subscription in a larger list.
  • Members can now delete credit cards on file (staff can impersonate a member to remove a credit      card on file on their behalf)
  • Some reports were not working for Staff. Data Downloads now work for Staff.
  • Consistent Address Capitalisation, when editing addresses, the Suburb, State & Country are now uppercase.
  • Blank addresses causing crash/unable to edit (found issue and resolved)
  • Reset password link, we now only renew the reset password link if the previous one was used (prevents users getting confused if they press the reset password link      more than once)
  • Email templates are sorted by oldest to newest (was unsorted / random before)
  • When editing members, the system will automatically remove spaces from those users email  addresses
  • Xero is now available as a workflow for Invoice


- Advanced email template builder, build amazing responsive email templates with images and buttons, using the latest in email technology.
- Improved search results layout
- Service desk improvements, 1 click to get full details of who created the ticket
- Field layout improvement on search screens for member search and supplier users (removed unpopular fields from view) and moved fields into a better more usable position.
- New custom field type, User (related to supplier) allows suppliers to have a selected user who is related to them (through any type of system relationship).
- Making forms simpler, by moving fields that are not used that often to a "advanced" section, we are making create new items easier, such as webpages.
- The main menu can now have 2nd and 3rd level items, creating advanced menu for both desktop and mobile automatically.
- Bug fixes, subscriptions were still showing on the member search screen when they had expired, this has been fixed.
- Full width on large desktop, in order to create more amazing landing pages, we have now allowed full screen to be used, where before it was being letterboxed on the sides.


- You can now add a page with /404 and this will be used for your page not found results.
- Add redirects to old pages by adding a 301 redirect, this allows you to direct links from an old website or a page that is turned off to a new existing page.
- When sending bulk emails, you can see the actual progress now via the Comms module.
- Contact Us is now prefilling name/email for logged in members / users.
- Campaign variables (e.g. utm_campaign are now logged on new registered users)
- Members can now see suppliers they are linked to on their own details.
- HQ can now turn off any section under the My Details pages as well as any field on the My Details page itself (just ask if you would like any fields hidden).
- Sitemap now gets the last modified date based on the latest change of a component, not just the page itself.
- AI has been added to auto create SEO for you, this is optional and you only need to check the AutoSEO on a webpage for this to begin. It runs overnight.
- A new search web component was added. This uses advanced cognitive search technologies and you can include all your webpages. The re-indexing of pages occurs overnight. 
- Font awesome icons are now a select function.

- Events module, basic free events and track who is coming.
- You can now edit a members subscription and turn on "auto emailing" of invoices, including an optional additional email to CC (useful to send to main subscriber and accounts email or treasurer).
- Forms notification email now has an express link to open up the form the user submitted (to save time finding this manually).
- Site logo can now be up to 210px wide on desktop and the top menu is now 100% (was 80%) wide to allow for more menu options.

v2.0.10-13 Project Board feature (v1) deployed and a few other enhancements.
- Improved Service Desk ticket editing.
- Password Complexity is now an option (enforces minimum of 8 chars with at least one number and special char and upper and lower case character)
 v2.0.9 Further improvements for Forms:
- you can now include Files as an item that people can upload.
- Supplier forms allow multiple owners of suppliers (marked as Owners) via relationships, update a form and you can use this type of form to auto-prefill with the last values provided.

 v2.0.7 Some new features:
- When saving suppliers the system will now enforce you do not have the same supplier name or ABN as the same type to help prevent duplicates.
- A subscription report will now tell the admin how many renewals/new subscriptions were created today (if any) via email.
- A nightly report of any failed payments will now be sent to the site administrator to investigate.
- When uploading bulk files to document library, it does not prefill the search with the last file uploaded, so you can see all documents uploaded (it looked like it only uploaded a single document), some rules around file sizes and alerts have also been added to help.
- Files with an uppercase extension were being incorrectly told they were invalid.
- Your members can now elect to pay a specific invoice on the pay screen, this was previously forced to pay all invoices or none.
- Version 1 of Forms has been added, this allows custom forms with text, dates, numbers and dropdowns to be created. More work on this will be done in the next week to allow some additional features, including allowing the public to fill these out and putting them on the website for your members and guests.
- Adding a new supplier relationship from the ALL list was broken, but now works correctly.
- Staff did not have access to Tags, this has been addressed and fixed.
- Date format has been defaulted to dd/mm/yyyy on all list screens. This was previously YYYY-MM-DD which was an internal date format. Importantly, sorting still works if sorting by columns.
- Deleting supplier button was not working, this has been fixed.
- Workflow for generating a new member number will now check to make sure that username does not exist first, just incase.
- Payment settings is now hidden from mition sites that do not have stripe details entered, not all mition sites take payments.
- Fixed term subscriptions that start and end on the same day allowed duplicates, this has been removed. You can still have two subscriptions of the same type, as long as the dates do not overlap. This bug was not checking to see if the one day event was the same dates.

Some new features:
- Manual payments can now be taken and other methods of payment have been added (cash/ bank tfer/ cheque) and you can now include a reference number.
- You can now take partial payments for invoices.
- Workflows for registration now are triggered for members when staff create the user and assign them to relevant roles.
- The payment setting for members is now hidden if there is no stripe gateway setup
- Simplified fixed term subscriptions to make the management less complex, documentation is now also up to date for subscriptions.
- Sending bulk emails partial template was sometimes turned off, making emails unformatted, this has been corrected.

v 2.0.2
-SMS Template & Bulk SMS Sending
-Adding Members Subscriptions manually, you can now elect to not send the welcome email.
-Document library can be sorted to a specific order now by admins
- Icon Card 2.0 - uses a new theme, similar to Image Card 2.0
- Supplier Data Migration Feature
- Small bugs around GST being added to invoices, GST also being up to 20 decimals.
- You can now see all members who have relationships with all suppliers in a single screen
- Staff can now see ALL helpdesk issues, not only the ones assigned to them.
- Suppliers now have tags, so you can filter suppliers via tags just like members.
- Email address can now be made optional (see admin settings > email > email optional)
- New insight reports for Emails and SMS messages
- Bulk Email and SMS now alerts you if you may go over your subscription limit
- Subscription early access, if a new subscription starts in a few months, the roles auto assigned will now start from today. The subscription retains the paid date.
- Minor bug fixed in early renewals.

v 1.0.195 - v 1.0.196

New Workflow Feature (with 8 options)

- address validation
- supplier validation
- 2FA validation
- email
- mobile
- indigenous
- generate member number
- mail chimp member data

New Mail Chimp API setting
New Icon Card 2.0

 Version 1.0.181-195
The admin menu items are now removed from the side menu until you press the Admin Settings menu item, this has greatly reduced the size of this menu for all admins.

There are new relationship settings for FRIENDS and for SUPPLIERS that organisations can now setup themselves. This means you can create family trees to log relationships between members and also means you can add employees, managers and owners to businesses in the supplier section.

Media files of type webp and svg can now be added to the media library and document library.

We have improved our change management practice so we can now bulk apply changes to large co-horst of clients at once, so we can deploy changes even faster than ever. Further improvements on base tools also means we can create editors, search screens and have these customised for specific features even faster than ever too.

We have started working on workflows now, so you can customize the user registration journey for your organisation and will release this next. Some workflows you will be able to add include making users pick an address as part of a step in registration.

Version 1.0.175-180
More fixes for Safari and Medium size browsers for Admin features.

Header colour and background can now be changed independently and you can even use transparent. The Hero 2.0 will appear under the menu on large desktops.

If you do use transparent header background, use a colour like white for mobile header background as on mobile it does not look good transparent.

Version 1.0.174
UX Improvements for Website Editor, Document Library. Side menu has a filter now to quickly find the tools you are after. 

Bug fix to redirects in Safari.

WYSIWYG editors now have a backup auto-save incase your browser crashes while editing. If you don't press the cancel/save button on a screen, the editor will keep your autosaved data and redisplay it if you go straight back to the same screen.

Version 1.0.170-173
Custom User Fields. You can now add 8 custom fields to the main member database table, see Admin Settings > Members > Custom User Fields.

These fields can appear on your registration page for all new users and can be made mandatory. You can also create fields that only staff can see and users cannot edit. 

For more examples see documentation (this is also new and we are going back through all modules and refreshing documentation and migrating to this location).

Version 1.0.169-169
A bug fixed, when you select all records then unselect 1 or more all records were being unselected.

The PageList control now has a depth feature so you can just show the pages found at the url and not all the children records.

GST was rounding to 0.0000000002 in some scenarios with latest .NET package, so have corrected this.

 Version 1.0.167 

Added new colour override for links in custom themes and improved foreground colours, background removed as this is part of the container the control is in and will remain the foundation for the background colour for now.

Removed unrequired data from registration / subscription emails.

Added hidden system users so we can add system and admin users from mition and not look like those accounts are part of the organisation.

Version 1.0.152-166
Major underlying technology upgrade, we seamlessly updated our entire core stack, while you were sleeping, with zero seconds downtime and at no cost to any of our clients.

Some minor improvements such as:

  • Invoices now not shows for users who are deleted (invoice search).
  • The Administrator checkbox on users is now removed, use the Role Administrator instead.
  • Links were being changed to the same colour as body font, where they should remain as the default link colour.

Version 1.0.151

Fixed a few minor javascript errors.
Added multi-language capabilities to website editor (go to admin settings > sites > languages).

Version 1.0.132-150

Enhancements for a client. Custom features for a single client are not available on all mition systems, only the ones they are activated for.

Version 1.0.131

Custom fields for members is now available via request, you can have up to 8 custom fields for members and these can be included on the registration page. Please email to add/remove these for your site.

The registration form is now able to be placed on any screen, you can overwrite where this form will redirect to once completed or turn off redirects in which case it shows a summary of the user currently logged in.

 Version 1.0.130

Member tags are now available to use; create tags for members and assign these tags to users. These tags are for any categorisation that does not fit within the member roles or profiles. They can be bulk added and you can use quick filters to find users with these tags or who exclude these tags.

The users preferred physical address (home / postage / other) is now included in the member search page, useful for searching / exporting in bulk. Also included are users company / company url and excluded from directories field.

Version 1.0.128-129

Custom styles (see admin settings > styles > custom styles) can be created so you can create colour styles and use these on web components. All web components can use these styles now.

Hero 2.0 -> a new hero component which allows different styling control.

Fonts; you can now use google fonts for your whole site or even have different fonts in the custom styles, just for some components. Great for hero and call to action web components.

Improved performance with single react builds was also introduced in this version.

Improved reporting for multiple domains.

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