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The Mition Document Library was originally created as library which was a great repository for the website compiling images and alike, over the years it has evolved into its current form as an all encompassing document library, an area to create folders that allows for different access levels among your staff roles and membership roles.

Documents are read only, you can allow staff roles the access to uploaded documents, the document library is a very flexible solution to allow you to store all your important files.

For ease of use there is the ability to manually sort the documents by name, date or pre-set staff order. This addition makes it simple for your staff and members to find the information that is relevant to their needs.

The Document Library has no upload limits either by size or upload time.

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Creating a document library

When creating a new document library a name is mandatory, this ensures future usability and libraries not becoming lost. The folder icon (which uses the font awesome icons) can be used to give different folders different icons.

Once a document library is saved for the first time, the screen updates, it then allows you to add Roles, this is a very important step, as it without giving a role access to your document library nobody will be to view or access this document library.

Initially give Administrators "Admin" access, this allows them to be able to add, remove and delete files.

If you are wanting staff to have 'read only' access, add the role "Staff" and give "read" access.

If you'd like staff to be able to edit documents, add the role "Staff" (or edit the existing role) and give "edit" access.

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Hiding the Document Library from Roles

Document Libraries can be hidden from specific users by removing the controller Document Library from the roles security (see Admin Settings > Roles > Edit the role you want to remove and uncheck Document Library)

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Can you share the document library contents with the general public or specific users on a webpage.

We created a Document Library Viewer which is able to display documents as a list, with tag filters and a search filter. This is a much prettier way to display documents and images for users. It will display and allow users to view/download the specific document library you provide access to, be vigilant about content as this will be accessible by the general public.

Control the access to the page where you put this control on, to allow the general public OR lock the page to specific roles (e.g. members, staff, admins)

This one control can be used to display a list of documents (list view) OR can be used as a carousel for images, perfect for sponsors etc.

The default sort order can be set on this control and this will display the documents in that order. You can sort by the document library order, created date, filename and display name and each of these in descending order too.