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Originally we created a Media library which is a great repository for the website and images, but as the system evolved we needed a document library, an area where you can create different folders and allow different access levels, whether you want to share read only documents with your members or allow committee members access to upload documents, the document library is a very flexible solution to allow you to store all your important files.

Known Limit (MTN-579):

Currently there is a maximum file size of 1GB, however there is also a 4 minute file upload limit.
If you require larger files or find the large file is timing out after 4 minutes please contact us and we can help load data directly.

Creating a document library

When you create a new document library the name is mandatory. The folder icon (which uses the font awesome icons) can be used to give different folders different icons.

Once you save a document library for the first time, the screen updates and it then allows you to add Roles this is important as it without giving a role access nobody can use this document library.

Initially give Administrators "Admin" access, this allows them to be able to add, remove and delete files.

If you want staff to have read only access, add the role "Staff" and give "read" access.

if you want staff to be able to edit documents, add the role "Staff" (or edit the existing role) and give "edit" access.

You can do this with any role and it is fine to have some roles with edit access and others with read access. 

Hiding the Document Library from Roles

You can hide the Document Library role from specific users by removing the controller DocumentLibrary from the roles security (see Admin Settings > Roles > Edit the role you want to remove and uncheck DocumentLibrary)

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