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Manually adding members

You can add a new member manually by going to the members screen and clicking Add New.

The minimal fields you need are:

  • Status (Active or Not Active)
  • Username (often same as email address)
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Email

All other fields are optional.


Once you create a user, they won't have access to anything, so you need to give them access to a Subscription or a Role manually.

Inbuilt roles are:

  • Administrator (they will have full admin access to the mition site)
  • Staff (they will be able to manage members and website)
  • Member (they will have access to edit their own information and any webpages or document libraries where members have been granted access).

You cannot alter these inbuilt roles, but you can create your own.

We recommend that everyone of your members/staff have one of these inbuilt roles, as it has sufficient access to do most things.

Website Editors
In some cases you may want to only give a staff members or contractors access to the website only, in this event create a new Role called Staff (Website Only) and then give that role access to the Webpage controller (which allows them to edit webpages), if you give them the role Staff, they will have access to most financial/member details. You can create other roles with limited access like this to other features. Remember to test your roles by impersonating users to see what they can access.

Self Serve

With a large number of members, it is far more efficient for members to register (join) and manage their own accounts and payments. We call this self serve and its automating the process to dramatically reduce the amount of administration required to manage members.

The best way to set this up is to use Subscriptions. Then provide a link to join via the subscription.

Before you add users manually, if you are going to use subscriptions you should consider setting up subscriptions first so it is easier for staff to create users manually too.

Subscriptions are a little complex as they have been designed to cater for most scenarios, such as annual memberships, monthly, pro-rata, lifetime etc.  But the key benefit of a subscription is they come with the ability to add Roles to users. Why is this important? Automating adding roles means that users get access to what they need immediately, webpages (which an include user directories / resources / discussions and anything else you provide them using the website module) and document libraries (again anything you give them permission to see).

We recommend you view the Subscription documentation when you are ready to started.

Data migration / Bulk Loading

There are some tools administrators have to bulk load users.

See the module Data Migration to bulk load users. This allows you to get your member data into the right format and bulk load member data and then bulk load subscriptions.

Address cleansing is not included in this process, so if you want to store users addresses please see us to add the addresses to the correct fields.

We find that this is a complex procedure and we offer this as a free once off service for new clients. When you are ready to load your members get in contact with and we can provide further details.


Editing Members

Editing membersUsers who have been give the role of Administrator or Staff can edit any members details. All changes are kept in the auditlog and you can view who changed what under the History button on the Edit User screen. Staff edit users via the...

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Password Complexity & Security

You can enforce complex passwords for members (see Admin Settings > Members> Password Complexity).

You can also use workflows to validate emails, mobile numbers and devices. Devices is similar for 2FA where only if the user has validated this devices via entering a mobile SMS code are they allowed to continue.