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Mition NAB Connect Integration

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In 2023, one of our clients who processes millions per annum in membership fees, wanted to keep their existing NAB Connect Processing to save fees.

NAB Connect would save them thousands of dollars per year over Stripe. So we built a PCI secure method of storing this data and retrieving it on demand for this customer.

The process is quite straight forward. Staff can enter a BSB/Account number for a user manually - this is provided internally. PCI compliance currently DOES NOT include BSB and Account numbers, however this process should still be treated with security in mind and reduce the number of risks to this data has on route between the user and the Mition Portal.

Users who wish to pay via NAB Connect are edited to use the Direct Debit Gateway Payment Process; this means that any subscription invoices are paid via this process. The user can pay all other non-subscription invoices via Stripe / Credit card - which is useful if they are paying for something like an event or resource booking (e.g. holiday home).

A staff member is able to run the Gateway processing to add all subscriptions that require to be paid (these are filtered automatically for you), then create / extract the data file for NAB. For 5000 members this can take about 5 minutes.

Once submitted to NAB, the staff member can mark these payments as "pending" while you wait for the results from NAB. Any failed transactions can then manually reject individually, and the remaining are marked as "paid".

Mition has the same process for those who are paying via Direct Wages, if you have an agreement with the employees workplace. 

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Bank account data, such as branch identification numbers, bank account numbers, sort codes, routing numbers, etc., are not considered payment card data, and PCI DSS does not apply to this information.