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Turn any service desk category into a Project Board.

This feature is for STAFF only. Members who are not STAFF cannot see the boards, but they can still see their own tickets via the Service Desk.

By default every site has a Helpdesk category called Project, this is an example Service Desk Category that has the Project flag set.

You can create more service desk categories or edit existing ones to make them into projects by going to Admin Settings > Service Desk > Service Desk Categories and editing these and checking the checkbox that says Project.

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Once a service desk category has been made into a project there are two columns by default.

Not Started and Completed.

Not Started, will contain any tickets not moved to a column or a swimlane.
Completed, shows all tickets that are Closed.

To make this a more useful Project Board, add swim lanes or columns. Such as In Progress, Under Review, Awaiting Instructions, Passed Validation.

Drop and Drag

This screen allows you to move your columns around (you cannot move the Not Started or Completed columns).

This screen allows you to drop and drag tickets from one column to another as well as drop and drag tickets up and down in priority.

You can use this screen to see only your own tickets or tickets for everyone on the project.