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Relationship Settings

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Define any kind relationships for USER to USER (FRIEND) or USER to SUPPLIER (SUPPLIER) using the Relationship Settings.

When you create these you can then use them when you edit a user or a supplier.


The inbuilt FRIENDS feature is already available and you can see and edit any friends this user has added themselves. To use the Friends feature, all you have to do is put a User Directory on any webpage users have access to, they can then find and friend other members themselves. This goes through a validation process where the other member has to confirm the friend. For security, users can block other members.

This process uses the relationship settings for FRIEND called Pending, Confirmed, Blocked. So don't remove these if you want to use the FRIEND feature in future.

You can add your own FRIEND relationship types like PARTNER, EMPLOYEE, MANAGER to track any other relationship between two members.

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Suppliers can be any type of organisation, a charity, a hospital, a child care centre.

You can add custom relationship types or use the inbuilt ones to track the relationship of this user to a supplier.

You can go to the user and see their Suppliers or you can go to the Supplier to see their users. This is useful to keep track of who works where and you can send emails in bulk via this screen to specific users at a supplier.

The relationship setting for Supplier has a field called "owner" which will allow for future features where that user will be considered the owner of that supplier and can make changes such as add/remove users and update some minor fields of the supplier (TBC).