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This page shows you all the available web components and provides some extra information on how they work. You have a few to choose from when adding components. All these components display automatically well on either big or small screen.

 You can use any of these components by selecting the edit option and filling out the desired styles, then click save. 



Accordion is a list of headers that can be clicked to reveal or hide associated content. You can click to see more information, or you can put as much or as little information as required in this type of component.

 Call to Action 

An image on the left or right and and a text area with an optional button.

This is useful if you want an image in the left or right, some text and optionally a button that links to somewhere, including in a new window if required.


Example of Call to Action

 Different style cards and different sizes (if you use size 4/12 you can get 3 cards nicely in a row. If you use size 3/12 you can get 4 cards nicely in a row. There’s also a type of card where it has very little text in it. This theme is called ‘light’. 

It has a button which is optional and along with styles, this control you can add a pre-built theme which is from bootstrap 4.

Example of Card

Here is some text.

It is a component that lets you add any control you see on the page to a carousel, which is a full page scrolling control.

Useful if you would like several heros on a main landing page.

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public function helloworld(){
alert('hello world');

Hero 2.0First slide

Hero 2.0

Example of Icon Card

This is a rocket icon from here.


Use live statistics


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