Member and Stakeholder management

A single source of truth, with accountability built in.

Whether you make your membership system available to the public, or just use it for internal processes, you can store information about every person who makes up your organisation in a single place.

Mition keeps information on members, staff, suppliers, newsletter recipients and sometimes a person is all of these. Mition allows you to provide the roles you need for each person to perform the tasks that they need.

All member data is tracked via an auditlog, keeping track of who changed what field when. This has been a lifesaver when a persons name changed or email address changed and your organisation needs to know why and how.

With lockfail tracking built in, it means that if two people update the same record at the same time the data integrity is maintained by preventing the second save.

These are just some of the standard features that are built into the mition members feature.

Othe features include:

  • Easily import your members, roles and subscriptions from CSV files (we help you do this too as a free service).
  • Create Roles / Subscriptions / Programs / Tags to create a three dimensional view of your members
  • Quick search by members
  • Bulk add subscriptions, roles and tags.
  • Send an email or SMS to a group of members quickly
  • View a history of changes

Use the member summary page to get a complete overview of a member in one glance.

For more information see the documentation.

Does your organisation have other organisations as members?

There are even more features to be able to track members who are affiliated through a corporate membership, including dedicated forms to sign new members up via that organisation and features that allow a dedicated admin of that organisation to manage who is affiliated. Ask us for a demo today!

Mition is not priced based on the number of members or staff, so in theory you can have unlimited users. The system is priced based on network usage and disk space and things like total emails / sms messages sent per month. See pricing for  more details on these limits.

We recommend that you give all your actual members the inbuilt 'members' role, add this to all your member subscriptions so they get this access by default. This will give your members the basic access they require to login, update their user image and profile and add an address.

If and when specific members require additional access such Fellows, Trainees, Taskforce and any other roles add these to the members in addition to the membership role. You can then tailor resources such as Secure Document Libraries and Web pages just for these users.


The subscription module has been designed to do the heavy lifting of subscription and renewals for most organisations.Here are some of the features we cover for new organisations when you use our software: Setup subscriptions to auto renew and collect payments via stripe automatically, or optionally turn off renewal or just auto payment. You can setup fixed period / open period (based on when the user subscribed) You can setup pro-rata payments for fixed periods. Create a welcome emai...

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