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Mition's' website builder allows your organisations' non-technical team to build modern responsive webpages, while choosing what content to share with each of your member types and staff roles.

With built in auto SEO to improve your search results on browsers such as google, bing and yahoo.

Maintain your branding by adding your own styles, including colours, fonts and logos. Build unlimited content pages with unlimited items, choose from more than 30 component choices, including;

  • Subscription List
  • Contact us
  • Event List
  • Discussion (turn any page into a blog)
  • Images / Hero / Carousels / Cards and other web contents.
  • Forms
  • Registration pages

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The advanced email template builder builds amazing looking emails that look great on a desktop and are easy to read on a mobile. With your organisations branding set, the system is tailored to let your organistaion take the helm of cont...

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