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For the technical staff; mition is built entirely from API's, there is literally nothing you can't do through APIs. The backend APIs are also only visible to users who are authenticated.

The API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions that allows your IT team to read and edit all information stored within your Mition database.

As Mition itself is a front end web application, it uses all these API's already to deliver all of the functionality you see / use in Mition on a daily basis. For this reason we can state "everything" is available via API.

The API requires a user to be authenticated to be able to access the API and specifically that user needs to be in a group that has access to the specific controller that is being called.

A good example is if you wanted to create/use your own website (not inside of Mition) using your mition system to authenticate the users and store the users core details. Add calls from your website to your mition API and authenticate the user and even update their details, the user would have access to the mition system. If you wanted a user to be able to add a webpage, then you would need to ensure that the user has the same access in your mition site.

We have created a really nice feature to expose all of the API's and our team uses this same technology to build our system. If you would like more examples please contact us.

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