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Have questions? You can email and the team at Mition Control will respond to your queries and update FAQs for other users.

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This section is dedicated to everything webpages, there are many sub-sections here to help you to create and manage beautiful a beautiful website.



The 'Members' feature of your mition portal has an array of tools and functions to allow your team tomanage and support your members. Use these pages to find out how to manage your members. We cover  topics here from creating new members, to self ser...


Custom Fields

Mition comes with many fields as standard, each organisation has the ability to create 18 custom user fields. These 18 free spaces on the User Table you are able to utilise as your organisations' individual custom fields. The main benefit of using th...



Communication to members in a professional and streamlined way is at the forefront of all great organisations. Your Mition portal is designed to simplify high quality communications to your members and staff. Mitions' behind the scenes, complex IT sy...


Can't find an answer to the question you have? Contact us, we usually respond within a few minutes during business hours. Where is our data stored?. All data and services are hosted with Azure in Australia. How does a cloud system keep our data seper...


Service Desk (Helpdesk)

A built in Service Desk in every mition site so you can manage your members requests. You can also use the service desk module to manage internal tasks for your team, track the resolution and closing of tickets and see where the bottle necks in your ...



Workflows allow you to create steps at specific points. You can find workflow under Admin Settings > WorkflowsLoginLogin Workflows occur immediately after Logging in was successful (before Registration steps / if any)Two Factor Authentication (new de...



Define any kind relationships for USER to USER (FRIEND) or USER to SUPPLIER (SUPPLIER) using the Relationship Settings. When you create these you can then use them when you edit a user or a supplier. FRIENDThe inbuilt FRIENDS feature is already avail...



This section is dedicated to everything regarding Subscriptions. From creating a subscription to managing renewals.



Forms are very useful for many different business processes; they can be used for onboarding new clients, like a contact us form. They can be used for collecting survey information annually just as an example. To create a form, go to the Forms module...


Digital Member Cards

Setup a rotating Member Card on the Dashboard. Users can see this when they first login. As all Mition Portals are mobile and desktop friendly, users can show their digital card in-person to obtain discounts. They are a great way to show loyalty to m...


Document Library

The Mition Document Library was originally created as library which was a great repository for the website compiling images and alike, over the years it has evolved into its current form as an all encompassing document library, an area to create fold...


Credit cards on your trusted branded site that are PCI compliant is pretty expected by your tech savvy members and mition has you covered with two premium credit card services providers that seamlessly integrate. Organisations don't have to add onlin...


Project Board

Turn any service desk category into a Project Board. This feature is for STAFF only. Members who are not STAFF cannot see the boards, but they can still see their own tickets via the Service Desk. By default every site has a Helpdesk category called ...



Events Module. . Imagine if your membership system could manage unlimited free or paid events and take no commission! Well. Your mition portal does just that!Designed to be able to help organisations manage all their event needs in one easy-to-use sy...



How to setup and track campaign success. Just like membership based organisations, we ourselves often run campaigns to attract our perfect clients. We run ads through different channels and campaigns and we look at how much we spend on each campaign ...


Auto Reminders

We added the ability to create automatic emails for events, invoices, subscriptions and other events. To create an automated reminder for your mition system, go to Email Templates and click on the Clock icon next to the "add new" button. New!For a li...



Manage all your organisations Invoicing needs.

Xero Integration

You can setup an integration with Xero for your own mition portal. How does the integration work?The integration is a workflow that you setup for invoices. When a new invoice is created or modified in mition it adds an entry to the Integration Bus to...


Tips on settting up unsubscribe for your users. Unsubscribe now has the ability to help your members and other users determine which communications they wish to receive. The default unsubscribe page (which a link is sent by default in the email foote...


Mition Security and Compliance

Our intentions are to maintain a safe and secure system for our clients. Although we have had no known breaches and no known security issues in the products lifetime (infact Formition Pty Ltd has never been part of a breach or security issue in its l...


Mition has a built in javasript component and you can use this to create your own links to script files (use Css class 'wholesite' on a webpage component to include it on every page). With our Javascript component and concepts such as REACT scripts, ...


NAB Connect Integration

In 2023, one of our clients who processes millions per annum in membership fees, wanted to keep their existing NAB Connect Processing to save fees. NAB Connect would save them thousands of dollars per year over Stripe. So we built a PCI secure method...


Wages Direct Debit (Employee Agreement)

Mition provides a streamlined way to manage Direct Wages payments via our Payment Gateway feature. In 2023, one of our clients had a large portion of membership fees paid monthly by their members employer. The agreement was setup with the employer an...