Real feedback from our clients

We collect feedback from our customers and are happy to share reviews and contacts for you to validate these reviews once your organisation is close to making a decision on a new membership platform.

"Solutions were developed readily and speedily and assistance was always available."

"We have been very pleased with the customer service provided by Mition!"

Do you find the system user friendly? "Yes, it's quite intuitive."


"have been great to deal with, responsive to service questions and quick to implement improvements basd on feedback"

"A project like a Membership portal that where you may not know exactly what you need until you start the process means there needs to be constant communication that will be matched with tweaks. Mition could not have been better in responding to our needs that were at times ever evolving."

"I was heavily involved in the website portion of our Membership Portal. A quick 30 minute one-on-one instruction on how to create pages was all that was needed so understand the system, but knowing someone was there to answer a question so promptly if I had any hiccups was invaluable."

"The product was easy to use and customise for my business. It makes web design and membership delivery easy with minimal fuss. We haven't explored the entire integration world yet but seems capable of linking in with most of our business apps."

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"We had a mition site setup very quickly for our project. It was very easy to use and to customise the branding. The membership management tools it has is fantastic and the website and document libraries gave us all the tools to deliver our core objectives & requirements in just a few days. The website editor is flexible and has some great components and it is simple to use."

"It has so many features included even in the basic package, we didn’t get time to explore all that it offers, we are looking forward to learning more about programs and other features in the future that we may be able to utilise them."

"The onboarding process was clean and included project goals and steps outlined from the onboarding process so we were well aware of what the entire project would look like from the beginning. Any questions we had were met with answers in whatever format worked best for us. If we needed a quick call to clarify some points - booked in straight away. What was so important for us was to have collaborative communication not just in this onboarding step and were concerned that the excellent communication would dissipate once we were signed on. We even raised this concern with Brett and he assured us that he would remain with throughout the whole project and he has seen it to almost completion now and been our first point of call throughout. "

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"Very smooth implementation with excellent communication. We knew exactly what to provide to ensure all our membership data was migrated to the new system without any issues. This company has worked with us to implement our change requests quickly and efficiently and has accepted many of our suggestions for improvements."

"Mition had all the functionality integrated in one system to replace our out-of-date separate systems (website, member database, bulk email capability, shared document library and tracking spreadsheets for events and member requests)."

"There is not much I don't like about Mition. As with most new systems, new users might find navigation a little challenging but plenty of documentation is available to explain most of the functionality."

Do you find the system user friendly? "Yes, once having an understanding of the basics we have found the system to be quite user friendly." 

"[Mition] has been excellent with proposing options to support our needs!"

"Once we made the decision to move the Mition team provided excellent support for the transition and helped in the training process."