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Subscriptions can be setup for your organisation in many ways. As we have been building membership systems for a variety of organisations who have had complex subscription models; you can be sure that mition can cater for your subscription process too.

Types of subscriptions you can setup.

Fixed Term Subscriptions

If your subscriptions start on a particular day of the year and end on a particular day of the year, use this option by setting the Fixed Start Date and Fixed End Date on the subscripting price.

Rolling Subscriptions

If your subscriptions start for that user the day they join, then use this option by leaving the Fixed Start Date and Fixed End Dates blank on the subscription price.


It is also quite common to have a mixture of some fixed terms and some rolling subscriptions.

The duration, price, welcome email, auto assigned roles are all controlled in the Subscription Admin section too. So you can customise the security users get when they first sign up.

Paywall option

If you would like to prevent users from accessing information or their membership features until they have paid, simply set the option to " No access until paid" on the subscription and set the grace period on the subscription price to 0 days. Setting the grace period to 7 days would allow the user to access membership features/information for 7 days and then enforce the paywall.

There are several automated reminders you can setup for Subscriptions too, for when the subscription is about to expire. So make sure you look at the Auto Reminders Section.

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Creating a simple subscription

Creating a simple monthly subscription, that renews and takes money automaticallyThis simple subscription gives a member a monthly renewing subscription, that collects money automatically and provides them access to member resources. Create the subs...

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Subscription Components

SubscriptionThis is the main object that you are assigning to members/staff. It has a name you assign to it, like "Trainee Subscription" or "Membership Subscription" and when you assign a subscription it can optionally assign roles with it, like "Tra...

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Fixed Term Renewals

Many organisations in Australia have fixed membership terms such as 1st July to 31st June. The mition subscription engine cater for this type of scenario, our system is so flexible that you can actually have a mixture of fixed terms and non-fixed ter...

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Cancelling Subscriptions

You may want to cancel a subscription for many reasons: The user has requested to cancel the subscription The user chose the wrong subscription type Your organisation does not want to offer this subscription or service anymoreHow to cancel a subsc...

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Early renewal

Usually, renewal of subscriptions will occurs automatically. Every 4 hours (this was previously once a week), the system looks for subscriptions that expire today or earlier and attempts automatic renewal. As the renewal occurs on the last day of the...

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Creating a paywall

Paywall CheckSome sites want to restrict access to content unless users have paid. The Paywall check is implemented at the Subscription level. On the subscription there is a setting called “No access until paid”, if you check this the user will be on...

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Corporate Membership

If your organisation sells memberships or subscriptions to Businesses, there are now 3 great ways to allow that organisation to add members AND you can optionally give these new members instant subscription access without manual intervention (althoug...

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