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The advanced email template builder builds amazing looking emails that look great on a desktop and are easy to read on a mobile.

With your organisations branding set, the system is tailored to let your organistaion take the helm of controlling the narrative.

Send bulk emails to large groups of users with ease. Keep track of who received emails and automate simple tasks such as overdue invoices, upcoming events or subscription renewal reminders.

Send personalised, professional emails to large groups of users.

Mition tracks the users who have opened emails, emails that bounced or were rejected by mail servers.

Our advanced email template builder will help you deliver emails that your members will want to read.

Reliable, email and sms messages delivered with validation reporting.

For more details, see the documentation.

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For the technical staff; mition is built entirely from API's, there is literally nothing you can't do through APIs. The backend APIs are also only visible to users who are authenticated. The API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functio...

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